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Featured Puppeteer: Jilane Pedersen

As a young child, I would always make my own clothes and accessories for my stuffed animals.  One day, I saw a puppet and within an hour, had made my own!  Little did I know that one puppet would change my life!  Now, you can find my sister ( and I entertaining children, teens and adults of all ages. 

I make all the puppets, and use my engineering skills to create all the sets and special effects for our unique shows.  I earned an Academic Excellence Award in Creative Writing as a Freshman in high school, and lead the Pedersen Fab 5 Productions creative team in writing all of our scripts..   I am also a member of The Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis.  Our unique shows consist of everything from interactive early childhood education , popular Bible stories, spoofs of hit Broadway shows to fun Birthday or seasonal themed parties.  We will leave you laughing and in awe at the exceptional talents of art, engineering, and musical puppet theatre. 

There is no one in the world quite like J'Paws Puppetry! 

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